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01 . 31 . 2011


Here's a quirky little instrumental to kick off the new year. No, I didn't set out to write a funeral march, though it's certainly possible - okay, likely - that the recent loss of my father to stomach cancer had some influence on things. I know, I know - there's that depressing "cancer" word again. What can I say? That's what life is throwing at me these days, and it's tough to work the musical neurons without sparking the whole messy lot. That said, I promise it won't become a recurring theme.

On the upside, this project has gotten the musical gears turning again after so many months. I hope you enjoy the sparse arrangement of distressed synthetic bass, electric piano and guitar.


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Love your new instrumental...it's got a dreamy dissonance (alliteration accidental!) that would make a perfect backdrop for a Tim Burton movie. Great piece!

Posted by: Les , 02.02.11 09.54

Thanks, Les! It's nice to know that my music took you to the same place I had imagined. In fact, there was a lot of Tim Burton / Danny Elfman / Oingo Boingo imagery floating around in my head as things came together. What's more, the early drafts employed a harpsichord in place of the electric piano. I ultimately replaced it because I couldn't shake the image of Lurch from the Addams Family TV series. Remember the episode when he became a pop star? Freakin' hilarious. Anybody got Tim's number? I can smell the royalties already. ;-)

Posted by: Rigel 7, 02.02.11 20.15

Its a sweet song, and I liked it. The vibe almost makes me think of nighttime in an old video game, but something more solemn. Beautiful.

Posted by: Elo, 03.10.13 16.36