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Entropod presents two Rigel 7 singles created shortly after Demo Disc 8-98. The first was released on the Resort Records web site while Entropod went unpublished for ten years, until the launch of Rigel 7's second-generation website, in 2009.

Deflated by Demo Disc 8-98 and the whole Viacom/audio sample clearance thing, I shelved these tracks without any effort. In 2009, the tracks were re-released for free, non-commercial download on Rigel 7's second-generation website.

03 . 31 . 1999


Whale song: it's not just for ichthyologists anymore. Wade into the chill-out waters and immerse yourself in an underwater reef dreamscape. For your protection, a PADI Open Water Diver certification is recommended.


10 . 29 . 1998


This li'l ditty was inspired by a Colourbox tune, 'Edit the Dragon.' I wanted to create something a bit faster, something danceable, and overcompensated - this tune is too fast for the floor. But, as it turns out, it's just plain wonderful for tournament forms. "Waaaaaaah!"

Though I lifted these samples all by my big-boy self, I couldn't begin to say where from. Truth be told, my collection of Shaw Bros. kung fu movies is, well, embarrassing. Or spectacular, depending on your point of view.

And speaking of DC's American Theater, this track is dedicated to Victor Walden, Ali Hoorford, Sean Murtagh, Doug Landoll and the rest of my Burke, VA tong. "Siu Chen!" "Sifu!" "Siu Chen!!!"

For trivia buffs, the song's final seconds pay homage to cult television series, Mystery Science Theater 3000, mimicking the style of the series' closing credits. Keep circulating the tapes!