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01 . 31 . 2010


"Raptures of the deep" (nitrogen narcosis) is a condition in scuba diving where an underwater diver feels elation and euphoria from a buildup of nitrogen in the brain. Though not physically dangerous on its own, divers who succumb to this condition become so intoxicated, so convinced of their invincibility, that they gleefully dive to their deaths - they swim too deep for their equipment or abilities, refuse to surface or simply remove their breathing equipment altogether. Either way, they perish. And when they die - here’s the creepy part - they die happy.

This is a song about nitrogen narcosis. For added dimension, it's sung from the perspective of a sinister, intoxicating killer, lending it a dark, romantic angle that speaks of any bad relationship or self-destructive obsession. Check your gauges. Enjoy your dive.


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It's getting late • But I'm glad you stayed • I've had my eye on you • The waves tonight • Are pure delight • It's high time we come unglued • Don't be afraid • Of what the others said • You can do anything • When all of this • Ends with a kiss • You won't feel a thing • Here we go • Into the blue • Heaven flows • In the blue • Into the blue • Don't be shy • Laugh goodbye • And set your spirit free • Come, embrace • Inner space • Enjoy your tragedy • Here we go • Into the blue • Heaven flows • In the blue • Into the blue




I wonder sometimes if the earth guards the depths of the oceans because there is something there that we are not sopposted to see. Whatever it is might be one of the keys to solving the keys to truth.

Posted by: Mike Jones, 08.31.11 21.13

Creepy. Just the description you wrote of the voice almost makes me think of serial killers. Its dangerous, and I enjoyed the edge to it. Not sad, but ecstatic...

Posted by: Elo, 03.10.13 16.41