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The Hanged Man


06 . 19 . 2009


In the occult Tarot, the Hanged Man presents a grotesque image, often misunderstood to represent death, judgment or retribution. But look closely - the hanged man is relaxed, content, even smiling. A halo suggests a vibrant, living spirit. In fact, The Hanged Man is a positive symbol of self-sacrifice; he lets go of the material world in favor of spiritual enlightenment.

This macabre picture has become a poignant symbol for me in recent years. With age and professional experience comes the realization that commercial success as a songwriter or independent musician might not be in my cards. Do I give up? Hell, no! Like The Hanged Man, I carry on, not for love of money but for the pure joy of creating and sharing music.

What better way to kick off Rigel 7's new donation-based website. It's all about sharing the love, baby. Enjoy!


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I am the hanged man • Symbol of success • Gave away my money • For happiness • I don't need no fortune • And I don't want no fame • There's more to life than taking • And staking claims • The Hanged Man • The Hanged Man • I'm free • Strung up by my heels • Stripped to my soul • Reacquainted with my spirit • And made whole • Speak not of charity • Or suicide • It's not the sacrifice • But what's inside • The hanged man • The hanged man • Is free • Free • Free • The hanged man • The hanged man




I love how your music has grown with this new song since some of your older stuff...getting more complexities to analogue/natural nature to it...some of your older stuff was very square and predictable.

Posted by: Anonymous, 07.08.09 05.47