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04 . 15 . 2010


In 2008, my lovely wife, Linda, was diagnosed with advanced, Stage 3 breast cancer. A committed over-achiever - don’t get me started - Linda fought the disease with her usual determination and impatience. In one instance, when doctors wheeled her out of surgery, her first anesthesia-impaired words to me were, "can I go home now?" Adorable. "Soon enough," I encouraged, and hospital staff joined me in spirited laughter.

This song is for Linda and for anyone battling such a horrible disease. When first diagnosed, you might've thought to yourself, "I don’t have time for this." But you do. Nothing in this world is more important than your recovery. Let go of your obligations. Rely on your caregivers. Reserve your energy for yourself. In the end, you might just come to discover that your commitments weren’t so important after all. For survivors, life often takes on new clarity.

For some drama - I thought it justified - this track employs a sampled cello section in place of the traditional Roland TB-303 (or whatever bass you'd expect in a rock/electronic arrangement). Likewise, violas are sprinkled about, lending the track a nice cinematic effect. I hope you like it.


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Don't fear the worst • I know it hurts • Every hour feels • Every second heals • My fallen bird • Give it time • Give it time • Give it time • Give it time • We share this curse • You bear the worst • Give yourself a chance, dear • Until then, I’m here • My universe • Give it time • Give it time • Give it time • Give it time • Oh, give it time • Oh, give it time




Thank you for always being there, my Love.

Posted by: Linda, 04.23.10 10.53

Beautiful song.

Posted by: Rick, 05.25.10 08.54

Cool song. Nice work.

Posted by: Jared, 08.06.10 08.26

Thanks, Linda, Rick and Jared! I so appreciate the feedback and hope to get back into the studio soon. Not to be repetitive, but stomach cancer took my father from me this week, so expect something dark - very dark - when I come out.

Posted by: Rigel 7, 08.07.10 16.53

i'm loving this.

Posted by: Jaekim, 02.05.11 09.53

Rigel 7 must be a beautiful place.

Posted by: Philip J Squires, 05.25.11 10.10

Thank you so much! :'-)

Posted by: Rigel 7, 05.25.11 11.12

What a touching, beautiful tune! Hoping the best for you and your wife...

Posted by: Oto, 05.28.11 12.19

Beautiful song. Loved the mantra vibe

Posted by: Juan Ospina, 11.17.12 05.21

Thank you, Juan!

Posted by: Rigel 7, 11.19.12 10.50

Beautiful song, very encouraging. I would love to have talents in this like yours. Keep up the good work :)

Posted by: Elo, 03.11.13 15.38